Four Villages - Two Churches - One Parish

During the current vacancy Rev Andrew Morrice is Interim Moderator for the linked parishes .

Presbytery received the report from the Presbytery Plan Review Group, recommending that the linkage with Saline and Blairingone is discontinued. We are granted permission to call a 50% Minister reviewable after 5 years. Presbytery received the Report and there were no objections, so that remains the most likely way forward for our congregation. There are however further formal procedures to follow until the process is confirmed.

In the meantime the Kirk Session has resolved to begin to prepare a new Parish Profile over the summer months so that as soon as the position is confirmed we can proceed to appoint a Nominating Committee and begin a fresh search.

Ministerial Vacancy

Please check back soon for our updated parish profile


To contact the Interim Moderator, Rev Andrew Morrice, for pastoral matters, please phone 01383  223144 or 07815719301or email

For other matters please contact our Session Clerk, Andrew Croxford, by phone  01383 271796 or 07894 751636 or email